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Workshop warm-air stove with ventilator and outlets for distance air heating. More

Manufacturer: LS KamnaProduct code: 019TU020 Shipping and Payment

This wood stove is a variety of the warm-air stove Falco Eco and is designed for both local heating and a long distance heat distribution; the device can be placed outside of the heated space (boiler rooms, etc.). This type of stove is completely coated and equipped with radial stove fan that forces the air to the lower part of the stove. The air cools sides of the wood stove and it is then forced through the tubular exchanger out of the stove. This enables the maximal heat transfer and a high efficiency.

The heated air is led into the flange of 250 mm diameter. It can also be distributed through the warm-air distribution system. This circle may be closed and attached with a filtration device. The stove is equipped with a thermometer and an electronic fan revolution regulation LDS, which dependent on temperature secures an ideal air flowrate while it serves as a thermostatic sensor.

  • Built in warmth exchanger
  • Heat-resistant steel tubes used
  • Bicameral burning system
  • Simple primary air control
  • Fireclay fireplace
  • Possible to stoke logs of length 55 cm
  • The stove can be placed out of the heated space (e. g. boiler room)
  • Possibility of heated air distribution
  • Overheating risk lowered – long lifespan
  • Automatic fan revolution regulation
  • Low acquisition costs for the warmth distribution system
  • Warm-air cauldron leaflet
  • More information about the warm-air cauldrons

Nominal performance (kW) 20
Performance (kW) 8 - 20
Heated Space (m³) 100 - 450
Fuel consumption (kg/h) 4.4
Efficiency (by nominal performance) (%) 85.01
Flue diameter (mm) 150
Chimney draught (Pa) 12
Warmed air flow rate (m³/h) 280 - 700
Stable outlet temperature (°C) 50 - 110
Emissions at O2 = 13 % (%) 0.09
Ventilator power input (W) 40 - 158
Stove depth (mm) 853
Stove width (mm) 650
Stove height (mm) 1080
Stove weight (kg) 180
Max. log length (mm) 550
Warmed air outlet diameter (mm) 250
Cold air input diameter (mm) 200
Width/depth/height of fireplace (mm) 400/550/295
Type Warm-air stove with warm-air distribution
Fireplace volume (l) 60
Towing throat above
Fuel required logs, wooden briquettes, wooden splinters (up to 20 % wetness)
Temperature in the chimney (by nominal performance) (°C) 200
Stove door glasssolid (metal sheet)
WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 65241480