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For measuring of temperature of exhausts going to chimney More

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Smoke gases temperature measurer (thermometer) prevents from overheating the stoves while heating and saves fuel.

  • Thermometer diameter is 60 mm
  • Instant burning process control
  • Longer, clean and ecological burning
  • Less of the fireplace stove glass soiling
  • Lowers the possibility of stove overheating
  • Built in magnet for attachment
  • Swivelling and cold handle

A thermometer cannot be ordered individually (without ordering a stove).

Bimetal thermometer measures temperature using a bimetal strap, which consists of two metals of different thermal elasticity coefficients. When the temperature changes, the strap bends - this is shown at the device pointer.

Temperature below 110°C

Too low temperature, a large amount of soot and smoke, stove is coated with tar. When the temperature is low, the burning is worsened and the tar pollutes the flue and chimney. Those exhausts, which are not yet burned, blow away through the chimney and we cannot use the energy, which they could release during incineration – we waste fuel. The stove glass is also extremely blackened. Possible reasons are a) unsuitable (wet) fuel, b) too little air in the stove, c) little chimney draught.

In such case (c)) heat up the stove with higher air access or add more dry wood.

Temperature 110 - 240°C

Optimal and economical burning. This span offers the highest efficacy of the stove, fuel burning, so called double combustion – the fuel burns in the first phase, in the secondary one the gasses are burned.

Temperature of 240°C and more

Too high temperature – overheating and wasting with energy. There is a risk of a stove or chimney damage, starting of fire – soot in the chimney may kindle. This temperature is transiently achieved when heating up the stove – it is not recommended for a common operating. Maximal allowed temperature in the chimney is 350°C.

Type Accessoeriy for the stoves