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Pyrolytic (gasification) glowing stove for direct heating. More

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Pyro Nemo 9 kW – Wood-gasification stoves – Double flame

A product of high quality with the unique technology of wood-gasification and modern design, which offers very effective combustion with two burning chambers, high efficacy and low emission values – environment friendly.

You can also enjoy the new dimension of flame and the magnificent view at flame play in two combustion chambers.

Advantages of the Pyro Nemo 9 kW fireplace stove

  • Bicameral combustion system (double flame)
  • Efficacy over 87 % during whole burning time
  • Air-wash system – glass self-cleaning
  • Stainless steel heat-resistant grate and get
  • Stainless steel heat-resistant ash pan
  • Made of heat-resistant 5 mm thick material
  • A big fireplace
  • Easy burn air control
  • Possibility of an extern burning air supply
  • Vermiculite fireplace
  • 40 % lower wood consumption for same thermal performance compared to stoves with classical burning
  • 40 % less ashes compared to stoves with classical burning
  • Attractive stove looks
  • Burning performed without fan support, just with a chimney draught (about 12 Pa)
  • Low emissions meet the strictest European standards

How it works:

By heating up the stoves in the upper chamber the wood gas arises. Should you close the chimney damper of the upper primary chamber, the arising wood gas begins flowing through the lower jet, where it is oxygenated by the preheated secondary air and combusted in very high temperatures over 1000°C in the lower secondary combustion chamber.

The unique property is the burning process, which does not need a fan.

For stove burning just a good chimney draught (12 Pa) suffices.

Pyro Nemo 9 kW fireplace stove usage

Heating of:

  • Residential rooms – cabins, cottages, family houses, restaurants, clubhouses etc.

High efficacy

The high efficiency is achieved not just by the quality burning, but also by exchanging of warmth from burned gasses, flowing from the lower chamber into the site warm-air stove surfaces, which are also equipped with double cloak for better warmth convection.

Gasification (pyrolysis)

The essence of gasification lies in the thermal decomposition of organic and inorganic substances in an enclosed stove chamber with a support of primary air supply.

First, fuel volatile constituents get dried. In a next phase, the loosened gases blend with preheated secondary air in the jet space and together make a burning gas mixture, thus the exhausts are burned and piped away through the warm-air exchanger into the chimney.

Nominal performance (kW) 9
Performance (kW) 3 - 9
Heated Space (m³) 80 - 260
Fuel consumption (kg/h) 2.5
Efficiency (by nominal performance) (%) 83
Flue diameter (mm) 150
Chimney draught (Pa) 12
Emissions at O2 = 13 % (%) 0.0615
Stove depth (mm) 591
Stove width (mm) 556
Stove height (mm) 1156
Stove weight (kg) 178
Max. log length (mm) 370
Width/depth/height of fireplace (mm) 330/360/360
Type Pyrolytic glowing stove
Fireplace volume (l) 32
Ash pan volume (l) 3.4
Towing throat above
Fuel required logs, wooden briquettes, wooden splinters (up to 20 % wetness)
Temperature in the chimney (by nominal performance) (°C) 200