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Outdoor wood heater with a bar table suitable for social events, Christmas markets but also for outdoor terraces at restaurants, bars at ski slopes, etc. More

Manufacturer: LS KamnaProduct code: 160TW012 Shipping and Payment


With this outdoor patio heater, you're sure to catch everyone's attention. A patio heater with a twist. The heater body provides comfortable warmth for surrounding guests on cold days outside. The wood is fed through a door at the bottom of the stove. There is sufficient space for larger logs. The part of the heater under the table warms the legs of people standing in front of it, while the upper part warms the mulled wine, tea, coffee or other hot drinks placed on the table. The chimney carries the flue gases above the roof and creates a pleasant warmth under it. Unlike gas mushroom style heaters, this heater is wood fired and therefore easier and cheaper to operate. The body is painted to make it weatherproof, and with its weight of 160 kg it can easily withstand windy days. The heater is fed through the top door and the ash is emptied through the bottom door. Directly above the door are rings of accumulative fireclay in multiple layers, which continue to give off a pleasant heat long after the flame has died out. The intensity of the flame can be regulated by a flap in the door. The solid construction ensures a long service life.