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Garden multipurpose grill for wood. More

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With the basic version of Locomotive Grill a direct or indirect cooking or grilling can be performed. The purpose of this device is combining advantages of both the home cuisine and outside meal preparation. Due to confluence of all the functions, it is possible to make dishes of many flavours shortly and for more people. Usage of this device is easy and safe. POSSIBILITY TO BUY AN OVEN AND SMOKER IN ADDITION.


  • The Locomotive grill is meant for the outside usage as a fully mobile garden dining system


The advantage of combinability allows customers to choose between the basic version, which can be set with the oven and/or the smoker, or the complete system (with the oven and smoker).

  • the basic version allows only cooking and grilling
  • praxis has shown, that the customers’ demands are different, as well as the ways of meal preparations – thus the possibility of simple control over the whole process of dish making is our answer to more frequent calling of garden gourmands for quality and universally constructed device


The spot over the fireplace can be set with:

  • a stainless steel two-cloak oven
  • a cooking hob
  • a grate for direct contact with flame

The grill space can be set with:

  • a grilling stone plate
  • a cast iron plate
  • wire grates

The grill outlet can be set with:

  • a chimney tube
  • a control handle
  • a smoker


  • universality of components assembly (possible to buy additionally)
  • possibility of fluent performance regulation thanks to the regulation grill damper
  • universality of usage – possibility of grilling and cooking at the same time!
  • demanded temperature maintenance
  • comfortable service – possibility to pipe smoke away from the grill space (avoiding excessive smoking when using the grill)
  • fireclay fireplace
  • fluent burning regulation
  • tertiary combustion air (less pollutants in grilled meals)
  • secondary (bicameral) burning – fuel saving
  • professional workshop processing
  • strong material (5 mm) used
  • easy cleaning
  • changeable grates and the stone plate
  • shelves for laying aside
  • a roomy grill
  • fat draining out of the grill into a vessel
  • thermometer – meals temperature control
  • direct and indirect grilling method
Max. log length (mm) 400
Grill depth (mm) 756
Grill width (mm) 1490
Grill height (mm) 2122
Grill weight (kg) 190
Width/depth/height of fireplace (mm) 400/430/330
Width/depth/height of grill chamber (mm) 750/465/270
Type Locomotive VARI grill