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222 EUR incl. VAT


Pedestal for stoves Falco 9 a 14 kW a Falco Eco 8, 12, 20 a 30 kW More

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Pedestal for stoves Falco 9 and 14 kW and Falco Eco 8, 12, 20 and 30 kW

Pedestal dimensions:
- Falco Eco 8 kW: 303x354x580 mm
- Falco Eco 12 kW (Falco 9 kW): 303x435x580 mm
- Falco Eco 20 kW (Falco 14 kW): 303x580x590 mm
- Falco Eco 30 kW: 303x600x760 mm

Type Accessory for stoves Falco/Falco Eco