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Professional controllable garden grill for wood or wood coal with movable wheels. Other possible set varieties are a baking oven, a smoker or a cooking hob. More

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With the Barrow Grill for wood, the preparation of succulent and delicious meals is a piece of cake. Thanks to the simple operating and manipulation, grilling becomes very pleasant experience for you, not just in case of special occasions, but also during an everyday.
The basic set of the Barrow Grill is a grill with grilling stone or grate and possibility of flavour and roasting (grilling) performance regulation using the regulation damper.
Other possible set varieties are the baking oven, the smoker or the cooking hob. In case of removing the upper parts, the Barrow Grill may be used as an open fireplace for roasting and with the grate inserted also for direct grilling.

Main advantages

Controllable fireplace and grill
Variability – individual parts can be bought additionally
Fireclay – prolongs the lifespan and sustains stable temperature
Mobility – easy handling

Barrow Grill usage
If any parts exchanged, more varieties of usage are possible:
The space over the fireplace can be set with:

  • The stainless steel double-cloak baking oven
  • A cooking hob
  • A grate for direct contact with fire – direct grilling
  • A grilling stone plate – indirect grilling
  • The smoker

Advantages in comparison with competing grills

  • Possibility of regulation using the reg. damper
  • Comfortable operating – smoke can be piped away from the grilling space
  • Fluent combustion regulation
  • Secondary combustion – fuel saving
  • Professional workshop processing
  • Strong materials (5 mm) used
  • Easy parts disassembly and cleaning
  • Shelves for putting off
  • Dripping fat drained away from the grill into vessel
  • Thermometer – dishes temperature control

Barrow Grill description

  • Using of strong materials (5 mm strong sheets) during manufacture secures long lifespan of whole device
  • The air regulation damper in the stove door can be used to control the primary air brought to the fireplace, and thus the performance and combustion length
  • Tertiary air for perfect burning is firmly set without regulation
  • The grill space is fully accessible after opening; fat drained away to the gathering bucket
  • The grill is equipped with a thermometer with span from 40 to 260°C
  • Wheels attached and handlebars serve for controlling
  • Shelves may be used for putting various cookware and dishes off
  • Grill surface adjusted with fireproof colour

Grill regulation damper usage

When the damper set to the position of complete closing, the direct glow draught through the grill chamber or into the smoker is achieved.
When the damper set to the position of complete opening, the direct glow draught into the chimney is achieved, thus grilling performance and flavour reduced.
The damper may be set fluently between complete closing and opening.

Part of the grill is:

  • A basic grill with fireclay fireplace
  • A glove
  • A control handle
  • A chimney for piping smoke away

Additionally buyable:

  • A thermometer
  • Small grate – 225x450 mm (2x over the fireplace)
  • Bigger grate – 350x450 mm into the grill
  • 2x side shelve
  • A grilling stone plate
  • The stainless steel oven with stainless steel grate
  • The smoker with a skewer
  • A fat bucket
Max. log length (mm) 400
Grill depth (mm) 830
Grill width (mm) 560
Grill height (mm) 1635
Grill weight (kg) 116
Width/depth/height of fireplace (mm) 425/392/325
Width/depth/height of grill chamber (mm) 417/359/216
Width/depth/height of the grill oven (mm) 460/386/216
Type Barrow-Grill